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Bicentennial of Lafayette’s Farewell Tour Visits Baltimore, MD

October 7 October 9

October 7, 2024

Lafayette Arrives by boat at Fort McHenry, Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore and the American Friends of Lafayette welcome the public to attend a historic re-enactment of General Lafayette’s October 1824 arrival by boat. The event marks the moment when Lafayette first visited Fort McHenry, a national monument site well-known for preserving America’s freedom in the War of 1812. Visitors will have the opportunity to see a replica of George Washington’s dining tent just as Lafayette saw the original in 1824, interact with costumed re-enactors, enjoy a program of commemorative proclamations accompanied by cannon salutes and music played for Lafayette’s arrival, and witness the authentic Star-Spangled banner flying over the fort. Admission is free.

October 8, 2024

Walk in Lafayette’s Footsteps in Baltimore, Maryland

Follow the footsteps of Lafayette in Baltimore on October 8, 1824. See where he received an honorary degree from the University of Maryland, learn about his relationship with the Edgar Allan Poe family, and marvel at the first Washington Monument in America as seen by Lafayette from a hilltop view of Baltimore. Visit the Maryland Center for History and Culture to view a curated exhibit—on display from July through October 2024—of Lafayette’s 1824 Baltimore visit artifacts. Attend a lecture by noted historian Dr. Richard Bell about General Lafayette’s progressive social views. End the day at a wreath-laying ceremony, a musical program, and a reception at Lafayette’s equestrian statue next to that same Washington Monument.  Ticketed speaker luncheon; free admission for the “footstep” tour and wreath-laying ceremony at Mount Vernon Place.

October 9, 2024

Bicentennial Reception and Performance at the Peale Museum in Baltimore, Maryland

Enjoy a cocktail reception at the recently restored Peale Museum, the historic venue Lafayette visited during his 1824 Farewell Tour in Baltimore. Through musical and live theater programming, learn how Rembrandt Peale, the museum’s founder and son of the famed artist, Charles Wilson Peale, attracted Lafayette’s interest in new technologies of the era–including Peale’s discovery of the gaslight. Ticketed event