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Lafayette Returns!

Reenactment of General Lafayette’s 1824 visit
to Lexington
at the Lexington Battle Green

September 2 @ 1:00 pm

As the Semiquincentennial (250th Anniversary) of the Battle of Lexington approaches, the Lexington Historical Society is leading a community-wide effort to reenact Lafayette’s 1824 visit to Lexington, on its actual 200th Anniversary, and on the original site:

Lexington Historical Society www.lexingtonhistory.org

The reenactment will take place on the actual 200th anniversary and on the original site of Lafayette’s visit. This will be a community-wide effort organized by the Lexington Historical Society, and will adhere, as much as possible, to the original look and feel of the 1824 event. Specifically, our Battle Green will be surrounded by flags; an artillery cannon will boom; the Belfry will ring; townspeople will assemble to greet Lafayette with a reproduction of the original banner reading, “Welcome, Friend of America to the Birthplace of American Liberty;” schoolchildren will assemble, with girls dressed in white and boys in the Sunday best, clutching bouquets; reenactors representing the survivors of the Battle of April 19,1775 will be seated around a monument; a Major Elias Phinney reenactor will stand ready with a welcoming speech; and a Lafayette reenactor will walk onto the Green under a triumphal arch. And there will be cannon!