August 16, 2024 will see the kick off this monumental Bicentennial celebration. The hundreds of events planned will trace Lafayette’s footstep on the exact dates and in the exact order he followed on his tour of America as the “Guest of the Nation” between 1824 and 1825.


Lafayette’s 1824 and 1825 Farewell Tour of America

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Take a Tour!

Explore any tour location with this interactive audio tour! You can take the tour remotely by clicking on the white arrow in the green circle above and then clicking on the story sites on the map. Or enjoy the tour on-site by downloading the TravelStorys app for free.
The audio, text, and images will launch automatically as you approach each story site.

The American Friends of Lafayette

The American Friends of Lafayette is thrilled to announce the upcoming thirteen-month bicentennial celebration of Major General Lafayette’s triumphant return tour to America!

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Galerie de Lafayette